Valentines Wrap-up 2012

Mexican food for dinner.

Double fun-laughing date with the awesom-est couple (second to us).

Note: Rare photo, my husband shows his face and smiles.

The Captain’s gift to me…

My gift to him…

This video confirms my theory on why my husband gave me a phone for Valentines.


He got tired of me always complaining that he spends too much time with his iPhone. So he gave me something to spend too much time on too. Smartypants!


I am broke but rich in love!

Hope you guys had a wonderful hearts day.


4 thoughts on “Valentines Wrap-up 2012

  1. What’s in those big sizzling plates in front of you? Guacamole, yum!
    Nice phone! Whatcha doin’ w/ the old one? Isn’t it a smartphone too?


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