Where to Buy Cheap Books in Abu Dhabi?

Treasures are hard to find but when you do, you’ll realize it’s worth the hunt.

For weeks I’ve been trying to acquire cheap or pre-loved books to fill up my new bookshelves. I find new books on sale in bookstores still a bit pricey. Unfortunately, Abu Dhabi doesn’t have real cut-price-low-cost bookstores.

My only option was to buy second-hand books from people online. Sadly, the fares I spent in meeting up with these people were equivalent to buying new books.

Soon enough, my pursuit of bargained books led me to discover a hidden treasure!

Luckier than Jack Sparrow was I when I uncovered the one and only store of used-books in Abu Dhabi.

Hidden behind a main street and an alley is this book trading shop that buys and sells previously-owned books. They also re-buy books you purchased there at half the price you paid.

The shop is lined with thousand of hardbounds and paperbacks — children’s books, entertainment, fiction, health, lifestyle, history, hobbies, general interests… I could go on and on.

The prices go as low as 5 AED and for kiddies and 12 AED for adults!

It is managed by a very sweet and helpful lady named Victoria and is owned by a man kind enough to call me and give specific directions to the shop.

If you’re the kind of person who basks in the abundance of books, you will find this shop a Utopia. You’ll spend morning ’till midnight rummaging through all the titles.

I made you a map to the hidden treasure!

Spread the word!

Contacts: 02 6711903 and 0552243980

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48 thoughts on “Where to Buy Cheap Books in Abu Dhabi?

  1. hi vi, I would like to inquire if you have the book NO TALKING by ANDREW CLEMENS and THEODORE BOON-KID LAWYER by JOHN GRISHAM


  2. I was just browsing at amazon & Barnes and Nobles then came across your blog:)I quickly rang them just to make sure if they’re still on business and some lady picked up perhaps Victoria?Thank you so much for the info i’ll go visit later after work i am so excited:)


  3. Hi there, I have visited the shop few times and found it closed. Tried to call number posted on entrance, but got no answer. Is it still working


  4. Thank you very much for the person who share this information……………..Really the lady Victoria is so goooddddddddddd…………


  5. Hi! Been calling the contact numbers you posted, however, no one seems to answer the land line and mobile number. Was gonna ask whether they have motivational books. I am planning to pile up 2 big bookshelves in my office for my colleagues to have a good read. This is actually a project to open up a mini library for staff.


    1. Hi may be that you just tried calling once and the cashier was busy with the other customer. Its really a nice place with good collection of books. Enjoy Reading……


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  7. Thank god! Im going there this weekend.. Wish it was in Al Ain 😦 Btw do you know if they have lonely planet books on sale there?


  8. Thanks! I have been looking day and night for a good place for books! thank you for sharing it with us. cant wait to go there!


  9. Hello there, can anyone who has visited the shop tell me if they have Arabic and Islamic books, plz I need a quick reply,plz


  10. This is just soo amazing! I have been spending quite enough for high priced book here in AD, thanks for your very helpful information!


  11. my mate linked me to this blog post two days ago, she went yesterday and i went to day and good heavens, book-narina in abu dhabi. never thought we’d have a place like this, thank you so much for the post and the map and everything. irrelevant, but victoria is the coolest/nicest person ever.

    lovely blog.


    1. Hi sara 🙂

      It’s nice to know I was able to help someone! Glad you liked the place! And yes, Victoria is super sweet 🙂 Gotta fill up those bookcases then. Happy reading!


  12. OMG..thanks for posting this one. I usually go to Satwa in Dubai to hunt for a nice second hand book at the book world. ^^ I’ll surely visit them this coming Sat. thanks again.


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