Spelling Saab Magalona

No, She and I aren’t close. I don’t even know if she remembers me.

The first time I met Saab was in my futsal class (indoor soccer), freshman year in the Ateneo. At first glance, I thought she was Maxene Magalona. I am no showbiz fan (although I remember watching Da De Di Do Du because I liked Maxene), so I didn’t know she had a sister.

It was only after class during roll call did I hear her name, something-something Magalona. I Googled her that night just to make sure I wasn’t assuming. She was indeed Max’s younger sister.

We had a fun semester kicking balls. I cheered for her ”Saab with a double A” and she cheered for me ”Lucasi!”

We met again Sophomore year. I didn’t know she was my block-mate until then. We took the same course, Fine Arts Creative Writing.

Although born two years apart, people say Max and Saab may pass up as twins. Despite the height difference, they do look alike. But their personalities strongly distinguish one from the other.

I had the same Philosophy Class with Maxene during my Senior year. She was seated at the frontmost row, center teacher’s table. I was seated at the backmost row, exit door. (Sidenote: That was my favorite choice of seat during college, last one in and first one out) I remember staring at the back of her pretty head and her pointed nose most of the time. I also remember her hair being short one day then long the next day, straight black one day then curly brown the next day.

Max boldly speaks her mind in class. On the other hand, you won’t even know Saab is in the room until the professor calls her name. Max raises her hands voluntarily and articulately shares her ideas and opinions while Saab, when called to answer, speaks cleverly and briefly. Max is pretty dresses-sexy tops while Saab is shirt-shorts-sneaks. Max laughs demurely (in public), Saab laughs like a clown. Max crosses her legs while Saab bruises her knees.

I admire them both for the contrast that they are.

I know, I know, I sound like a personality-type guru. These are just general observations and I know that beyond these boxes, Max and Saab have dynamic, flexible psyches.

Both are street-smart and intelligent. Although daughters of the famous Master Rapper, they do not scream ”star treatment.” They went around school like every normal student did.

This was during our Shakespeare Class finals and I blame myself for spoiling our play. I was delivering my lines when Saab held back a chuckle. I lost concentration and couldn’t shift back to drama mode. I delivered my supposedly serious lines clucking all the way.

Saab is now conquering center-stage. I am proud of her.

But the best thing about Saab is that she is a kick-ass blogger, one of the best writers I’ve known. Everything she writes about becomes interesting. She can turn the most mundane stuff into a Charlie and a chocolate factory.

Read her blog and I bet you’ll get hooked!


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