Sick and Waiting

Yesterday afternoon, I sent my husband this message:

So off I went for our much-needed groceries. An hour later he called me and I heard car noises.

Me: Hun, where are you?

Him: I’m going to the hospital.

Me: Huwaaat?! Why didn’t you tell me. Why didn’t you wait for me?

Him: Why will I wait for you?

Me: Do you want me to come? I want to come.

Him: No.

Apparently a swelling in his throat (plus his fever that wasn’t going down) made him finally visit the doctor. I spent almost 5 hours in the mall. When I got home, he was still on his way back from the hospital. All the while I thought he was already home resting.

When he arrived he was clutching a bag full of 6 different medicines prescribed by the doctor. SIX! He got more pills than my diabetic mother! Either the doctor doesn’t know or wasn’t sure of what’s wrong with my husband or he is really, really, really sick.

What really bothered me though was that they made my feverish husband wait for hours – first he waited in line, then he was told to come back after an hour and when he did, they made him wait again. See how patient he is?

This country really needs to work on their health care services. What if my already-sick husband caught another virus flying in the air while he was waiting for hours?

Good thing I wasn’t there because a friend once told me that a wife’s protective instincts are deadly.

I’ll just stick to what God reminded me today, pray without ceasing.


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