Who is the Expat’s Best Friend?

…the person who sends you your essentials found only in (or best quality only from) your home country.

My brother shopped for my beauty/geeky needs in the Philippines just for me and even sent me a surprise – comfy Espadrille!

Yeah, I know I have manly feet.

Big thank you, big brother!

P.S. I wonder how people wearing lenses here in the UAE survive the soft lens solutions. I’ve tried all these here and they don’t give the same comfort and moisturizing effect as those (same brands) I buy in the Philippines.

They all sting, dry up your lenses easily and make your eyes sore whenever you remove your lenses. I had a daily throbbing headache for 5 months just using these solutions.

Now I’m good for maybe two months.

Then my best friend needs to shop for me again 🙂


4 thoughts on “Who is the Expat’s Best Friend?

  1. have you considered LASIK?
    i had my eyes lasered in Dec 2010.
    from 200/300 to 20/20 vision.
    save up for it! enjoy the freedom!


  2. Even ballpens are better here?
    Now if only glasses-wearing was sexy, you’d have no problems with contact lens solution.


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