3 Things a Head Scarf Taught Me (For a Day)

I have to warn you, the profoundness of this post lies in the shallow talk of physical beauty.

 1. If you think you have a pretty face, wear a head scarf and think again. 

Wearing a head scarf means baring your entire face out in its full glory. No hairs or bangs to hide those imperfections. No curls or re-bonds to obscure those face shapes. Suddenly all your zits and pores are magnified and you realize how ugly the shape of your face is. You start to doubt if you really have a pretty face or just a pretty hair.

2. Wearing a head scarf makes your nose flatter. 

I don’t know how to prove this scientifically but when you cover your hair, your nose suddenly shrinks horizontally.

3. Wearing a head scarf makes you look like a boy.

Unless you really have super duper girly features 🙂

Today I realized how beautiful my friend really is.

It’s just fair that God made their noses taller, their eyebrows more distinct, their lashes longer, their eyes deeper, darker and more captivating.

Thanks to Huda for making me experience this even just for a day 🙂


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