The Tale of the Invisible Water Bottle

Once upon a time, a big water bottle was delivered to this doorstep. It stayed there for many days. The end.

I purposely left this big bottle outside our door, slowly inching it everyday from the corner of the door to the middle and finally to the door’s entry point. I waited to see when my husband would bring it in without being asked to.

After 5 days, I got tired of my experiment to work so I pulled it in myself.

I wonder how the Captain gets inside our door. Does he jump over this big hurdle or does the bottle turn invisible when he’s at the door?

It is proven, silent insinuation and telepathic powers do not work on men.


4 thoughts on “The Tale of the Invisible Water Bottle

  1. …most of the men will wonder why their wife leaves a full bottle of water “unattended” in the middle of the front door but do not dare to ask for the reason why their wife has such a special way of doing the housekeeping. I’m married since more than 35 years and know that it is very risky to meddle in these things…be sure that I also shouldn’t bring that bottle in without a “clear” order!! 🙂


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