The Turtle and the Kid

One early Sunday morning…

Zion: Mommy, can I bring my turtle to the church?

Mommy: No, Zion

Zion: Please, mommy, because my turtle will get lost here in the house.

Mommy: No, I will lock the door. No one can get in.

Zion: Maybe they will pass in the window. Com’on, mommy, let me bring my turtle with me.

Mommy: Zion, I said no.

Zion: Mommy, maybe the people will pass in another door.

Mommy: Zion, we are going to the church to worship God and not to play. You and your playmates will be noisy.

Zion: I will not be noisy, mommy.

Mommy: I said no.

Long silence.

Zion: Mommy, my turtle will worship also.

Mommy: I already said no.

Long silence.

Zion persisted one more time.

Mommy is torn.

She wonders what to say next.






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