Breaking the Rules

Spotted: someone breaking the rules in Dubai!

It’s nice to know my husband can climb fences. It’s just funny that I found out this way.

He was running away from an army of cockroaches that was blocking his way out of a park.

True story.


4 thoughts on “Breaking the Rules

  1. Attaboy Samir! We have the same inexplicable fear of cockroaches. I used to (present progressive tense) jumped on higher ground (or chair) whenever I see a cockroach. I actually found a way to get back at them by dousing them first with alcohol then setting them on fire. I hope no one from PETA is reading this since I don’t know their stand on cockroaches. Zion could well qualify for being their president since he loves “ALL” animals including his lice, he gets angry when Cherry kills his lice, he says “Why did you kill my FWEEEEND?”


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