How Secure is Your Password?

At work, I have to memorize different passwords to my different accounts. The company takes its safety and security very seriously that only extremely tough passwords are allowed in their system. We, newbies even had one session briefing on how to create passwords. Seriously.

I never really bothered about passwords before. I have almost a dozen dead social media and email accounts  because I forgot my passwords and can’t retrieve them. So I try to stick with familiar words, which is a no-no in the password world.

I spent 30 minutes creating my first password at work. The system kept on denying my combinations. When I finally made something which it accepted, I felt so secured!

Find out how secure your password is…

2 thoughts on “How Secure is Your Password?

  1. Wala bang tips? Problem usually is, a secure password is hard to remember! And if your system forces you to change it every so often, good luck naman.


    1. may tips nga te. super kulit ng tips. as in you have to comply with every details. Yep, so sinusulat ko nalang din ang pword, incase I forget 🙂


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