The Firefighter in Me

When I was a kid, one of my million dreams was to be a firefighter.


It’s funny how all my life I’ve been surrounded by fire extinguishers hanging securely on walls I pass by or live in. They gave me a false sense of security because I never knew how to use one. And I bet many of you don’t know too.

If a fire started, my first instinct would be to run as fast as I could, not to grab that red/black life-saving vessel.

Today I was taught how to use one and actually have the chance of saving lives… that is IF my running instinct won’t get ahead of my heroic tendencies.

Watch me in action, killing my first fire flame. It was the highlight of my week. Though, I wished I was given a really huge blazing fire not a lame flame 🙂

But my trainor was pretty, so it’s all good!

Stay safe, everyone! keep away from the fires of life 🙂


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