It’s a Messy World

Welcome to the world of a working couple. They only come home to sleep and to add to their existing messy universe.

Hello shoesesess!

Everything on the floor.

Crumbs, crumbs everywhere.

Uneaten lunch and all sorts unsorted.

Falling bread and sinking sink.

Dead flower on a plate – where did that come from?!

Groceries on the floor. Eating straight from the bags.

This is the reason I am proud of working moms! How do they do it? I only have one grown-up kid and I can’t even get the groceries out of the bags!

Super tired.

Can’t even think of a nice way to end this post.

Oh well, good night then! And in case I don’t see you for a long time, good morning, good afternoon and good night!


4 thoughts on “It’s a Messy World

    1. Dear anonymous,
      I apologize for the confusion. I was not being defensive. I was being sarcastic.
      Awesome job on the word “are” though :] Props to you man!
      By the way, I am also fat and bald. So you might want to update your salutation to dear fat,ugly, bald brother. Just so people would know which brother you are referring too.
      Oh and I am minding my business just as you are minding yours.
      Can’t wait to hear from you! :]


    1. Dear Anonymous, you are soooo funny!!!!!!!! keep it up! :] p.s. try writing the whole word next time. instead of “r” try writing “are”. people might think you’re lazy 😉


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