Where to Buy Cheap Carpets in Abu Dhabi?

Carpets are one of the  highly sought products of Abu Dhabi. They are sold almost everywhere with prices ranging from ”affordable” to ”oh my, are you freaking serious!”

Months ago, we needed a simple moquette (cheapest common carpet) for the house and after traversing all the carpet shops in the malls and home furnishing centers, we ended up in the carpet souk at the port end of Mina Road.

The souk is lined with small shops full of carpets of every kind. It is along the main road so expect dust, heat and the shopping experience to be just for practical reasons.

We got a 4×5 size for only AED 600. I knew we could go lower than that but I was too tired to further negotiate. Bargaining is expected in this market place, so one can try to get the price significantly down if you know about carpet types and what the rugs should cost.

They were charging AED 100 for cutting and placing the carpet at home but I opted to do it myself. I spent one whole day doing the task. I was in there, somewhere. Haha.

I had to move all our furnitures 3 times back and forth because the fitting wasn’t right. When it was done, there were wrinkles here and there but I convinced myself that if I walk on those creases everyday, it would flatten out.

I was right.

If you know any cheaper place to buy carpets, do say so.

Here’s where we bought ours:

Al Bahiya Furniture: Tel: 02-6730815 / Mobile: 050-5711438 / Shop No 11 / Carpet Market / Mina Zayed


4 thoughts on “Where to Buy Cheap Carpets in Abu Dhabi?

  1. Well done!!…and I don’t know but I think that it was a real reasonable price for the carpet…and what makes this really super is that you put the carpet yourself…you are becoming a very handy lady!! 🙂 …what about the “captain”??… no time? … too macho for a job like this? 🙂


    1. I am a handy lady! haha. he had an excuse, he was at work the entire day. It was actually Babet and I who did that. worked on it from morning till evening. haha.


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