Letter to Diabetes on Mother’s Day

An adaptation from countrygilrdiabetic

Dear Diabetes,

You came into my mom’s life completely uninvited and unexpected. You’ve been hanging around ever since then, trying your best to mess stuff up.

You’re always irritatingly unpredictable. No matter how hard she tries to push you into the background, you manage to show up and make yourself the center of attention. You can see a memorable moment coming from a mile away and you try to make it all about you instead.

You have a real knack for embarrassing her too and sometimes you make her into someone who is short-tempered. You make her say things she doesn’t mean to the people she love.

You know what else? You have a stupid name. When she tell people about you, they get confused. They think she did something to deserve you, but you and I both know the truth. When you teamed up with her immune system to attack her pancreas, there was no stopping you.

You rarely let her sleep through the night. Should she indulge in small delights, you always make her pay for that later, chasing down high blood sugars all through the night. You can be downright spiteful, Diabetes.

You’d think that 6-10 shots a day and countless finger sticks would be enough to keep you happy, Diabetes, but no, you’re much too sadistic, aren’t you? You weigh her down with so much stuff everywhere she goes. She can’t even take a walk around the block without fear of stumbling or fainting or being paralyzed in an instant – you’re so needy.

Sometimes, Diabetes, you really scare her. You’re always trying to cause problems – blurry vision, excessive thirst, fatigue, frequent urination, numbness – you just won’t stop, will you? You make her feel helpless.

But you should be the one to be scared, Diabetes. That’s right, you heard me! You may be a lifelong disease, but people everywhere are trying hard to completely get rid of you.

No matter how hard you try to drag our mom down, our love for her would be as chronic as your claws. There are a lot of us, Diabetes, and we’re full of hope and we’re coming for you!


Daughter of this diabetic


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