Would You Leave Your Kids Unattended?

One rare night, when the Captain finally woke up from his day-long beauty rest, I literally pushed him out of the house to go to the park.

We were sitting in one of the benches when I saw a mom with a bunch of kids trailing behind her. They stopped at the bench opposite us and a few seconds later, the mom walked away with 3 of her other kids, leaving these 2 younger ones behind.

30 minutes later, the kids were still there by themselves. Groups of men were passing by and were purposely slowing down just to stare. My protective instincts kept my eyes focused on them.

An hour later, they were still there with no mommy to be found. I started to worry because we were about to head home and I didn’t have the heart to leave these kids alone in the middle of the night.

A few more minutes later and I walked over to ask where their mom was. Good thing they spoke English. They said they were told to just sit and wait. I asked them if they wanted to go home and they both said yes. So I took their mom’s number and called her.

”Hi, I’m with your kids here in the park…”

”Yes, I told them to sit there and wait for me.”

Seems like this was a normal occurrence for them. It was near midnight so the Captain and I sat with them until their brother came back for them.

This is just one of the many things I may never understand in this sandbox.

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