The 2012 Excellence Grants

This speech was delivered by my mom on March 2012 during the 90th Commencement Excercises of my high school.

Good afternoon to everybody.

It gives me great pride and honor to be here today. My name is Gloria B. Lucasi and I am a mother to 7 NVGCHS alumni – class 2002.

March 2002

Diana Grace Viloria, Violet Lucasi, Milamin Apuya, Ivory Delos Trinos, Brend Faith Guerrero, Albert Genato and Eden Rae Tiongson.

I am a mother to them because I saw how they grew up together especially during their high school years. I have witnessed their countless overnights, flocking our house with ”chichirya” and coffee, staying up all night studying, cramming for quiz bees or press conferences, practicing jingles or cheering chants, making campaign slogans and creating speeches.

I witnessed their many fights and the many tears of forgiveness. I witnessed how their gossiping talks and small minds evolved into minds of ideas and greatness. I witnessed the evolution of these children from boys and girls to men and women.

March 2002

After their high school graduation they all went off to different colleges yet bringing with them the same zeal and excellence NVGCHS inspired in them. They conquered their own universities’ battlefields: topped entrance exams, garnered scholarships, became good writers, travelled abroad, passed licensure exams and won prestigious awards. Yes, I am proud of all their academic achievements, but, as a mother, I take more pride in their characters – the man and woman they have become.

Today, all of them are pursuing their own careers and are top-performers in their workplaces around the globe – The Philippines, Canada, US, and the Middle East.


March 2012

My kids’ love and loyalty for NVGCHS have bounded them for life. Though separated by continents and time differences, they come together to give back to their Alma Mater and pass the torch to the next generation.

The 2012 EXCELLENCE GRANTS  are to recognize students who show outstanding educational growth, intellectual development and personal improvement through their years in NVGCHS. This is to encourage and reward students who worked hard in their academic responsibility and extracurricular duties, being fully conscious of their own personal development.

My 7 kids would like to pass on the torch to 10 graduating seniors this year who have submitted well-written portfolios as their application for this awards. 3 of you will be receiving the top grants including trophy and cash.

Congratulations to all of you and your parents! As the Bible says, delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. May your hardwork and excellence in all ways sustain you through college.

Have a blessed future, kids!


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