Taking a Detour

My husband’s BFF is his car. He can’t go anywhere without his KIA, even if it means going to the gym which is one block away from us. This only means one thing: He hates walking.

Last week KIA went away for a major service and he had no choice but to walk to his gym, which was, like I said, one block away.

One night during this car-less week, my aunt dropped by our home. It was her birthday the next day. Since my husband was going out for gym, I asked him to buy a little surprise for her from the supermarket across the street.

After his workout he called me (I heard him walking home and felt so proud) to ask if I still wanted him to buy cake and ice-cream. I said yes.

”But it’s too far. I have to walk all the way there.”

This is how close the supermarket is from our house.

Half an hour later he arrived home, sweaty and hot, holding a bag of goodies in his hand.

The Captain and the birthday aunt

Now, that’s my boy!

I knew taking those extra steps was a big effort for him. He did it just for me… and my aunt.

It comes natural for a man to complain about an errand, but if he still does that detour for you, on a desert-hot night, then he’s a man worth keeping.

Little things, simple joys, big love!


One thought on “Taking a Detour

  1. I remembr the old days when i used to talk abt my frst love wth u…sad to say we didnt end up tgether,but inspite of that i found my forever love-the person who’s willing to cross a falling bridge wth me…im so happy that we both found the man not only of our dreams, but of reality!the modern heroes of our lives-ones for keeps…


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