Dieting on Donuts

Just when I made up my mind to start dieting, my boss walks in with these boxes…

The common food and treats area is strategically next to my desk. Happy face. Sad face.

I cannot keep track of all the days our office reeked of donuts and pizza. I should be happy I have very generous co-workers.

I shall now sign out and wait for the lengthy sermon my husband will be giving as soon as he reads this. Last night after his daily hand-measurement of my arms and thighs, in a defeated tone he declared,

”This body is hopeless.”


Hello, donuts, goodbye.


8 thoughts on “Dieting on Donuts

    1. Oh yes! at kelangan ko tlga bumili ng Dunkin sa stop-over ng victory liner or baliwag bus kapag umuuwi ako sa probinsya :)) i miss my childhood days 😦


  1. Aba’y may Dunkin din pala dyan. Do they taste as bad there as they do here?
    I can probably forgo Dunkin/Mister but if it was Cello’s or Krispy Kreme or even Go Nuts, gudlak!


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