How Do Airplanes Crash?

I asked this question to one of our Navigations Engineer one day.

He brings out his charts and starts explaining.

”This is so complicated,” I declared.

”No, it is very simple.” He replied.

He opened up his map for me to see how simple it is.


And I thought ”if a = b then b = a” is complicated.


4 thoughts on “How Do Airplanes Crash?

  1. Hey! Wait a minute kapeng mainit! I re-read the question and it says “HOW DO AIRPLANES CRASH?” Well, well, well, that puts a lot of twist to a seemingly innocent question. Let the fun begin…
    1. It folds its wings and plummets to the ground.
    2. ?


  2. Hehehe. I bet you just wanted to hear a one-phrase explanation like “it’s mostly human error” or instrument malfunction or something.


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