Our New Playmates

A day ago, I happened to catch an indoor football game at the gym and in the spur of the moment, swallowing all fear and shyness, joined in their game.

When my husband came to pick me up, I was oozing with excitement, handed over my phone to him and showed videos of my new playmates.

After watching my videos, he too handed over his phone and with the same thrill and animated voice as I had, showed me pictures of his new playmate…

Now he talks incessantly about his cat.

I wouldn’t be surprised to come home one day and find this stray cat sitting like a queen inside our house.

(“)___(“)     Meow!




8 thoughts on “Our New Playmates

  1. …here a lot of people have a cat in their homes but most of them are “sterilized” or “castrated” (I mean the cats..not the people 🙂 ) …and the pee of (especially) a tomcat smells unbelievable!!



    we got two new kitties someone left at the gate. Tricked the sungit cat with one kitty to adopt them mwahahahaha


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