Find us Faithful

The greatest legacy you can pass on to your children is not your house, your money or your business but your spiritual legacy. – Ptr. Peter Tanchi

When my father died in 2007, he left us a house, a little amount of money from his death insurance and no business. But when he was gone, people who were touched by his life and who he took care of, took over and cared for my family.

Seeing papa talk in front of people was my life growing up. When he talked, I listened. Because whether he preached to the lowly tribes of the mountains or to the élite of the city, whether in the Philippines or abroad, the message he taught was lived in his life consistently.

Even before he stood in front of a group, an assembly or crowds of people, he sat in front of us his children. Everything he taught us, he pointed back to the Bible. They were wisdom we would not easily forget because the words he spoke were not of his own but of the God he was serving.

Before everybody else saw him in front of the stage, we saw him in the backstage.

Because of his life at home, I have learned to love God even before he preached it to other people.

Papa and Bethany learning ”The Timeline of Christian Church History”

Oh may all who come behind us find us faithful.


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