Planning and Negotiation

I asked my husband last night…

Him: No.

Me: You don’t have a surprise for me?

Him: You do first, I do second.

Me: Huh? What?

Him: You plan for our first anniversary and I plan for the second.

First time I heard about anniversary plans being negotiated.

Oh if I plan it, it’s gonna be a trip to Seychelles Islands for ONE person only…

Because I’m pretty sure you’re just gonna sleep anywhere we go.

Case in point: 3 days in Boracay Island and this was the only time my husband came out of his cocoon. it was the 3rd day. An hour later, he was back in his sleeping shell.

Please don’t let me plan our anniversary or else you’re not gonna be in it.


4 thoughts on “Planning and Negotiation

  1. I guess you’re gonna have to think of an activity he would want to stay awake for, not beach going. Kain nalang! You have to do it anyway, haha.


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