Mother, Bananas and Ugly Baby

I was an ugly baby.

Today is not about me. Today is about my mother who from the beginning of time had faithfully sustained my growth.

At a young age, I understood why monkeys like bananas.

I had a very high standard in picking my food.

But then I started to grow up and I started to eat everything.


So I thought I was the favorite child. Then my little sister came along and they started feeding each other.

Ok, back to my mom.

My mom loves to feed people. There is no day in our house when she doesn’t serve coffee and finger-foods for anyone who’s there (note: we have a never-ending supply of visitors). She has ready snacks everywhere – in the cupboards, in the fridge, in her closet (tightly packed in Tupperwares) and under her bed as well.

Whenever we travel, I make sure I sit within her reach. The smart ones do too. Whoever sits near her never goes hungry.

Today she turns 57 years old and all I can think of are all the nourishment I had under her care. Not only did she feed me with food, but with wisdom, Godly values, and unconditional love (imagine loving a bald baby with no lovable feature at all).


I pray God will continue to re-fill your sack of snacks. May your legacy NOT die on your lazy non-cooking-non-feeding-just eating daughter.


2 thoughts on “Mother, Bananas and Ugly Baby

  1. uhm… ang panget mo nga nuong bata ka… hahaha talagang diniin noh?! but you are a find example of the story “Ugly Duckling”. Once an ugly duckling while growing up, but now all grown up to be a beautiful Swan. 🙂


    1. Hahaha! baka gusto mo pang i-BOLD UNDERLINE HIGHLIGHT iyan :)) Beautiful swan? where? where? I am so NOT a swan. beautiful chicken pwede pa :))miss you smuch ate ko:(


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