My 3rd Year of Ramadan

Ramdan Kareem!

(A phrase Muslims use during Ramadan – literally means “have a generous Ramadan)

It’s the holy month in this side of the world – the ninth month of the Muslim year, during which strict fasting is observed from sunrise to sunset.

The rules are simple:

I too will fast this month. This is my rule:

Goodbye my weekly calorie rush!

I aim to celebrate this month with intercession and quiet time, focusing on praying for others.

So often, many of my prayers are concerned with my own self-interests. I need to stretch beyond my immediate circle of family and be directed at the needs and concerns of others. For when you pray for others, the first thing your prayers change is your own heart.

How can I pray for you?

Message me or leave a reply.


9 thoughts on “My 3rd Year of Ramadan

  1. i missed chating with you ate are you>hope you’re always fine though there are problems..kaya mo yan..God is fighting with you…


  2. Reading this made me feel guilty. I also resolved to fast during this ramadan. But my fasting has nothing to do with being prayerful, or even thinking about others. I resolved to fast for the plain and simple reason of losing weight. I really should start learning how to be selfless. Thanks, vio! Ramadan Kareem!


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