Single Mom is Super Mom

If someone could qualify as superwoman, it would be a single mom.

People tend to think that if you’re a single parent, you’re half of the equation, less of a person. It’s actually the opposite. Being a single parent is being both a sweet mom and a tough dad. It’s double the work, double the stress, twice the fears and twice the tears.

But then, you’re the luckiest because you get double the hugs, double the love and twice the pride.

A man’s work is from sun to sun. A mother’s work is never done.

When you see a kid well-groomed, smart and confident, you’ll see a parent who thinks twice all her life, once for herself and once for her child.

It’s not what you did in the past that matters, it’s what you strive to become and what you will make of your children and the people you love.

No one could be as heroic and brave as you.

To Lourvey from DK


6 thoughts on “Single Mom is Super Mom

  1. I was trying to post on your blog last night but asking to sign up or register or something, (long story short) I wanted to thank you personally to be featured on your blog, (i feel like a celebrity though!:) and i know you have a tons of readers,bloggers/followers..:) I really appreciate it, coz somehow it reminds me again how great and superwoman I am, and those single parent like me..though sometimes i feel awful esp. In this country to stand up and learn the idea how to raise a child in a right way..What I think I am right now, is I am so blessed to have the person who had asks you to do these writings about single-parent (most esp. Single Moms, she knows I love reading your blog,though I am not so into reading books and all stuff). And I think, I am so blessed to have surrounded with friends that helps me alot! What I’m trying to say is, to be a better person.. I am proud being single mom…Thanks again Violet!:)


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