Heroism During Non-Stop Rains

A country of victims is also a country of heroes, risking their lives so others will live. This is the Philippines, the country we love. – Tony Meloto

Placed on red alert by weather and disaster officials since Monday night, Metro Manila turned into a “waterworld” on Tuesday as the southwest monsoon unleashed torrential rains nearly nonstop. Roads have turned into rivers and the suspended railways are becoming the visible landmarks of the metro.

The flooding – neck-deep in some areas – forced tens of thousands of people to flee their homes, closing schools, offices and businesses, yet the beauty of the Filipino soul rises above these murky waters!

Photo from Works of Heart


3 thoughts on “Heroism During Non-Stop Rains

    1. i feel bad nga eh kasi di ako nakatulong sa packing ng relief sa youth@111 kasi ako mismo kailangan magbigay ng attention sa bahay that day. oh well. how are you holding up, bro?


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