Splashing Now, Sneezing Later

Down with tonsillitis and a terrible cold – 5 days now.

I blame it on 5 minutes of this…

Is this what the desert does to people? Rob them of their immunity to frolic under the rain without getting sick the next day?

I used to play under the rain all the time 😦

5 days of sneezing is worth the splashing with my kids.


5 thoughts on “Splashing Now, Sneezing Later

    1. It’s okay tita. ^_^ Na-puzzle lang ako noong nakita ko yung family pictures niyo, akala ko it was before you went back to Abu Dhabi. Pero bakit wala si Tito Sam dun sa picture??? Anyways, I understand. no matter how much I miss you, I know naman that you have limited time. And if you have that opportunity, you have to go to your family kaagad. Family comes first all the time. Sana nga, masmahaba pa ang bakasyon mo. Pero, nakaka-refresh naman diba??? God bless and send my regards to uncle.


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