A Big Brotherly Welcome

This was my second welcoming committee.

After a 7-hour uninteresting bus ride from Manila to the province, our eldest brother came to pick us up and settle in our hideout, ready to surprise the family.

2 days earlier he drove up to the mountains to kidnap my grandma. The narrow, bumpy steep roads and deep ditches going up and down the mountains are very stressful for travel especially for the old. It took him hours trying to convince my grandma to go with him. In the end he had to spoil the surprise.

When he finally told her I was coming home, my grandma did the cutest thing. She instantly washed up and started packing without question.

It’s nice to have a reliable brother, someone you know will watch your back at all cost.

I’m also proud that he somehow got my father’s love and passion for the wild. He now spends half of his time going back and forth the forest, planting trees and crops and taking care of the land my father toiled hard for.

When I was younger, I used to complain to God for giving me two big brothers and no older sister. Having two brothers for me (not just older but half mental, half cunning) meant a life of survival, witty scheming, running and screaming. Haha.

As this brother once said, ”the purpose of an older brother is to annoy.”

Now that I’m older, I know I will never trade my brothers for any older sister.

Most of the time.


2 thoughts on “A Big Brotherly Welcome

  1. I actually cut down almost all that Dad planted… for example the coffee plants… well, so that they could grow back again healthier! Also, I’m thankful that God made me older than Violet, coz she’s actually the female version of me… hahaha! (Cut off her hair, and presto! My twin!)I love you vatutet!


  2. Where *is* that hideout?
    Now I always wanted an older brother. But a younger brother is just as good now that we’re all adults.
    I’m glad Lyle’s into planting and all that.


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