Flying Business Class

Me: I’m torn. Should I book this business class ticket or not?

Coworker 1: Have you ever flown business class before?

Me: Not yet.

Coworker 2: Book it. Once you’ve tried it you’ll never want to fly economy again.

Me: (Thinks hard) Nah, it’s double the price.

Days later.

Me: Should I book this or not?

Coworker 1: Think of the long lines in Manila. You don’t have to be in there.

Coworker 2: Treat yourself, you deserve it.

Me: (Thinks really hard, converts fare difference to peso) Nahhh…

Suddenly I catch a glimpse of my husband’s long list of traffic violation fines. The total fine was quadruple the amount of an élite class ticket. If money could go to waste just like that, then I guess I should sign up for my first business class experience now, before all those hard-earned Dirhams fly away.

Besides, I’ve been working real hard the past months.

Photo from Google

Me: Booked! I did it!

Coworker 1: Finally! Goodbye long lines, hello full reclining bed!

Coworker 2: It’s gonna be worth it.

No child is immune to peer pressure… not even me.

To be continued…


3 thoughts on “Flying Business Class

  1. Most of the people flying business class don’t pay their own ticket but get that ticket from the company (or government) they are working for. Business class is a spoil of money in my opinion. Auntie and I had 5 trips to the Philippines…always economy class…and with the money we could save by not using business class we could do/buy so many things for people in your country. Philippine people can sleep in a jeepney and use a tricycle for 6 persons so why you need a full reclining bed and a glass of champagne for travelling?


  2. I don’t know if I’d splurge on comfort with my own money. Maybe I’ll just buy myself clothes or decadent food with the difference haha.


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