Flying the Pearl Way

From limousines, to lounges, to onboard – experience comfort, luxury and an intimate atmosphere when you fly in our Pearl Business Class.

One of the perks of working in an airline industry is getting discounted staff fares. Booking business class (Abu Dhabi-Manila) is like booking a normal economy ticket (maybe even lesser). Still, the fare difference made me think twice.

But after noting my everyday overtime during Ramadan hours, it was a treat I could afford.

Etihad’s Pearl Business Class is ”the most luxurious way to fly for business and pleasure. Discover a style and space like no other in the World’s Best Business Class as voted by Skytrax 2009 and its 16 million users.”

This is different from Etihad’s Diamond First Suite a ”redefined luxury air travel with individual suites, higher levels of comfort and more personal space than ever before.”

Flights to and from Manila only have Pearl Business Class.

On my travel night I was down with fever and tonsillitis. Plus I was going straight to work after touchdown. There were only 7 other passengers  in business class while economy was jam-packed.

I was thankful for the space and opportunity to stretch and sleep.

My dim-lit photos do not give justice to the relaxing nice ambiance of the experience.



My favorite button: Massage!

Big Bang theory all the way.

Because I was sick, I didn’t have enough appetite to explore the ”dine as you like, when you like. Choose from an extensive á la carte range or our anytime-kitchen menu.”

I only had Beef Tapa. How sad is that.

This is the best part:

Funny thing is even if you’re the first one out of the plane, first one out of passport control and immigration, you are still left to wait with all the others for your baggage. I waited almost half an hour for mine.

Oh well, after the relaxing flight, who am I to complain.

If you fly business class, don’t forget to book the Etihad Chauffeur servicea unique door-to-door experience.It was added perks I didn’t know I could have. Next time.

That’s it. The story of my first business class flight.

Very pearly!




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