My Birthday 2012

When God granted me a job earlier this year, I didn’t know He was giving me a package deal.

Not only was I given a source of income but he gave me a big happy family. Living in a country where almost everything is superficial and people you work with are usually the biggest burden of your life, having genuine loving people surround you at work is the greatest gift one could ever have.

Meet my Etihad family and their surprise pizza party for me.

Pizza Amore, so far the tastiest pizza I tasted from this side of town.

Engineers, trainers, tech writers, pilots – fun crowd to be with.

The diverse culture makes my everyday life colorful.

My big boss number 1 – proud to say I love my boss 🙂

Peeking at my cupcakes…

My treat for them – fun bites for the big boys!

My big boss number 2 – loving him too 🙂

They are the wittiest, funniest, most playful and delightful bunch of people.

That moment when everybody came around to sing me a happy birthday (considering most of them had meetings, urgent deadlines and my boss had to walk all the way from the other building), they made me feel so special.

I like to believe they gathered up for me and not only for the pizza. Haha.


4 thoughts on “My Birthday 2012

  1. too bad just came across this….belated happy birthday!
    i never read blogs, this is the first time, i find it sweet and cute!

    for your next sweet thought, try this (ooppps, im new to this, dont know if its proper to post an fb link)
    your on for a treat for a cute cupcake topper (its my passion) just bcoz u made me smile before dozing off to sleep (missed my sweet college years!)


  2. Yum. pizza! Surprise ba talaga or does every birthday celebrator get one? Hehe.
    I know how important a good working environment is (and that’s mainly boss and colleagues) and I praise God you’re in one.


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