How Important is Your Mate?

Without my husband, I’m handicapped.

Today I came home from work, immediately removed my all-day-dried-up contact lenses and sweetly hollered for him.

”Where’re my glasses?”

No response. I asked again. No response.

I went to the bedroom and blindly groped for his sleeping body. Empty bed. So he wasn’t home yet. I spent the next hour squinting, feeling and fumbling, while searching for my eye glasses.

Today, I realize how convenient it is having him around, looking for my glasses whenever my lenses come off. That’s a daily little gesture that is loaded with love and care.

Like keys, my glasses hide everywhere. and yes I am blind without them.

Photo by the Captain


One thought on “How Important is Your Mate?

  1. I’m blind w/o my glasses too. So I always put them in one specific place before sleeping so I always know where to find them when I wake up. Never lost em.


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