Desert Safari: Dune Bashing


3 factors that makes dune bashing fun and exciting:

1. The Driver who controls the speed of the ride, the height of the fall and the intensity of the adventure.

2. The people you are with who set the tone and volume of shrieks and laughter.

3. The video that captures it all so you can relive the moment and laugh at everybody’s faces.

Dune bashing is therapeutic.

As the jeep rolls over dune after dune, steers sideways on two tires, plunges into deep sand that engulfs you all over, gone are the troubles in your head. All the cares you have at that moment is screaming, shouting and wishing your ride won’t flip over.

I thought my mom wouldn’t enjoy this at all but she was more enthusiastic than I thought she would be. Watch us shout our lungs out!


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