A Review: Nojoum Hotel Apartments Dubai

A week ago, I wanted to stay a night for our weekend getaway in Dubai. I told my husband to search for a place to crash in, the cheapest but nicest he could find.

Dubai has hundreds of Hotels ranging from magnificently expensive to awfully disgusting. It takes careful research and powerful instincts to find a ”cheap but nice” place. My husband found a good deal through Booking.com.

Entering the hotel apartment, I had my expectations set very low. Besides, we were just staying for one night. The staff service wasn’t noteworthy. The Lobby was dull and common.

But as soon as we opened the door, I was surprised at how massive the unit was. There was space everywhere!

It had a corridor leading to the kitchen and another corridor leading to the rooms.

The living room + dining area was huge!

I felt that one night wasn’t enough for me to invade all the spaces before me.

It’s rare to have something spacious in this part of the world wherein space is luxury.

A total of 3 washrooms, this guest toilet is the smallest.

The kitchen had a huge empty space before the counter which could fit another dining area.

Fridge, microwave and a complete dining set inside the cabinets.

Washing machine, oven and heater.

Laundry room, another extra room!

Bedroom one which is a lot bigger than it looks like here.

Master bedroom with a reading area and a mini office table.

Both rooms had ceiling to floor cabinets.

They have a fully equipped gym, a sauna & steam room and a temperature controlled outdoor swimming pool.

Regardless of the service (which is ok if you don’t plan to stay long), this is one place I’d recommend.

It’s not spectacular, but the units are huge, very clean and ideal for a family overnight stay!


3 thoughts on “A Review: Nojoum Hotel Apartments Dubai

  1. Hey! How are you?

    Happy New Year! I had fun reading your blog and it is stress reliever!

    How’s life? I am happy that you are enjoying your work at the same time enjoying playing soccer.

    Take Care


    PS: how much did you pay at Nojoum?


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