The Blogger’s Anxiety Disorder

I was advised to stay away from the computer because of the strain I am causing my ”new” eyes. I’ve been wearing sunglasses at work, enduring the many glimpses of people wondering, ”is she crazy?”

Worst, I now have to wear headbands to keep my bangs from falling into my eyes, thus exposing my big wide humongous forehead to the world.

Stealing someone else’s bag

It’s been a week since my last post and I’ve been suffering from blogger’s anxiety disorder – it’s this excessive unrealistic worry and tension when the number of hits/readership of my blog gets lower and lower as the days of my dormancy continue.

I have met other bloggers who say they don’t care about their number of readers. I think that’s a lie. I think it’s arrogance not to care about people who read what you care to write about.

Let me cheat for a few hours and update my family and friends, random readers, strangers and haters.

My IntraLasik surgery went fine. The only hard part is adjusting to the dryness of my eyes and adapting to the glares of light. I also have an expiration time at night. My eyes automatically shut off at a certain time and I involuntarily sleep wherever I am. Haha. But my vision is way way better compared to my contact lenses days.

Here are some highlights of my week:

Played in a practice game against the UAE National Team and shielded away from the field lights.

Relieved my feet from their layers of dead skin.

Watched my officemate kiss his bride.

And of course (drumrolls)…

Sometimes you can’t see how beautiful something is until it steps back into the light.


4 thoughts on “The Blogger’s Anxiety Disorder

    1. Nawp. Doctor said, this is part of adjustment period 😉 It’s been a month now and they are way way way better 🙂 I know you’re thinking of having yours 🙂 I say go for it!


    1. They have beef bacon and turkey bacon here 🙂 Although I can’t really taste the difference, because I have abnormal taste buds, but the psychological effect of knowing you’re eating real pork spells freedom!


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