More Lazy Days in Maldives

Good morning, day 4!

maldivesday4 (9)

Breakfast by the shore.

maldivesday4 (1)

Quiet time

maldivesday4 (10)

Sunbathing in the shade. Haha.

maldivesday4 (19)

maldivesday4 (3)maldivesday4 (7)maldivesday4 (2)maldivesday4 (8)maldivesday4 (18)maldivesday4 (14)maldivesday4 (15)

maldivesday4 (20)

maldivesday4 (22)

Oliver and Jamila

maldivesday4 (25)

Finding Nemo on our way home from snorkeling and Dolphin cruising (more on those later).maldivesday4 (27)

maldivesday4 (26)Dinner at Stingray Beach Inn
maldivesday4 (28)maldivesday4 (29)maldivesday4 (30)

Coming home to a quiet nightmaldivesday4 (31)

Our Father refreshes us on the journey with some pleasant inns, but will not encourage us to mistake them for home. -C.S.Lewis


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