Wet and Wild in Maldives

Hello, day 7! Hello tan and weight gain as well.

Day7Maldives (2) Checking News of the day
Day7Maldives (3)


Day7Maldives (4)

Today is water sports day!

Day7Maldives (5)

Day7Maldives (1)

My first time to ride a tube.

Day 7

It was scary and thrilling at the same time. Our driver-friend sped away so fast like his mission was to flip the tube and sink us. Haha.Day7Maldives (10)

I had to wear goggles to protect my eyes 🙂Day7Maldives (8)

It had to happen. That moment when I felt my husband fly up in the air and plunge into the wild waters I was terrified, but then seeing him all drenched, still protecting his cap and struggling to get in but couldn’t was hilarious.

Day7Maldives (6)

Then it happened again, no matter how tight he was holding on. My theory is that he’s too heavy. Haha. I was winning this game!

Day7Maldives (7)A few minutes later, we both went down.

It was slow motion when the tube flipped over and I splashed into the cold. I am so terrified of the sea that when I hit the waters and went under, I thought it was the end of me. As I felt myself sinking into the deep I prayed that the Lord give me a fast and painless death.

Then I resurfaced, thanks to my life vest. Haha. The first thing I noticed was that my precious goggles were gone. I left a piece of me in Maldives.

Day7Maldives (9)

After that ride, I didn’t have enough courage (and money) to do another wild water sports. One step at a time, baby.Day7Maldives (12)

We were so hungry after that seemingly near-death experience.

Day7Maldives (11) Last night in the island.
Day7Maldives (13) Day7Maldives (14) Day7Maldives (15)

Sometimes God calms the storm. At other times, he calms the sailor. And sometimes he makes us swim.

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