Travel Tips: Destination Maldives

Everything to do with Maldives has to do with islands and the sea.

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The Maldives is no cheap destination they say.

I am no rich person and this is my first real destination holiday but I am amazed at how much my husband and I saved during this trip. Here are some tips to make these seemingly extravagant holiday more affordable.

1. Choose your holiday Type

Do you want luxury or adventure? The two general options are:

First, to stay in one of the luxury beach resorts (meaning the whole island is the resort itself) and stay for a few days or; second, to stay in a budget hotel (meaning basic accommodation in an inhabited island where local life surrounds you) and stay for longer days.

Where you choose to stay determines the budget of the entire travel.

Luxury resorts are private, high-end and have nicer beaches. However prices for food, services, excursions and water sports are overpriced. You’ll feel robbed even before the trip ends (unless you’re super rich).

Budget hotels in inhabited islands are basic, have smaller beach areas, and local people coming and going. If you’re unlucky, there’d be constructions and noisy neighbors as well. Before booking, it is wise to ask your hotel if they have on-going construction around them or if their neighbor is a rock band or a rockstar wannabe.

However, prices for everything are way cheaper. You have the option to go to local groceries, souvenir shops, restaurants and also choose from the different independent water sports shops and diving schools scattered around. Your hotel can also offer you excursions (including a taste of a private beach resort) at a bargained rate.

2. Act, eat and pay like a Local

One of the most expensive services in Maldives is the boat transfer from the airport to your hotel. If this is not included in your package and if available in your island, choose to ride with the masses. You’ll save 80-90% of your transport money by opting for public transport.

Don’t be a snob. Walk around, make friends, explore the local cuisine and appreciate the local life.

Pay in Rufiyaas rather than Dollars or Cards. You can have your Dollars exchanged in the Airport.

3. Pack ready!

These are my life-savers. If you have a local grocery, buy water from there instead of the hotel.

Pack sundresses or wrap-arounds with your bikinis. Although bikinis are allowed in the beach area, you need to be decent while walking around the island.

Buy your own snorkeling set beforehand and bring your underwater camera!

Bring a book to read or a writing project to do because life ends pretty early at night.

Maldives is just a matter of choosing, acting and packing right. Then your tropical dream destination awaits you!


2 thoughts on “Travel Tips: Destination Maldives

  1. very nice tips. agree with you 100% when you said “Don’t be a snob. Walk around, make friends, explore the local cuisine and appreciate the local life” lot of people don’t enjoy their holidays because they are sooo snob 😀


  2. It sucks that bikinis are not decent. This means that I have to be satisfied with the websites literary conten, if I wanna see more I have to move to another website. (!!!!!!!!!! Don’t take it seriously……am just trying to get you angry…… maybe that way you will post more!!!!!!!!!)


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