Blogging in 2012

In 2010 I had 14,000 hits. In 2012 I had 62,000 hits. 2012 almost hit the double. 

As a small token of appreciation, my top commenters should expect this to reach them within the next few months:

Also my top commenter from Belgium, my fave uncle who is surrounded by the best Belgian chocolates, will instead get lots of this (virtually)…

I appreciate all my readers for making 2012 awesome!


7 thoughts on “Blogging in 2012

  1. Wheee, chocolate! Does it have to be Ferrero? If I could choose, please send me dark chocolate! (salivating in anticipation).


  2. Dear blogger, congratulations for your success and popularity around the globe (…..violet… are such a show off…….). Note however that in Greenland we still can’t tolerate you for one minute (…….or we have no network………).


    1. Ohh hater-alert 🙂 And it’s still January. This is gonna be an awesome year! You do know you add to my hits 🙂 So keep it coming from greenland, blueland or haterland 🙂


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