He Loves a Thief

Me: (Sadly) I don’t think I can go home this weekend.

Him: Why?

Me: My budget isn’t enough.

Me: I’ll just stay here and be grumpy and moody all weekend long.

Him: (Instantly) Ok, how much more do you need? I’ll lend you the money.


Me: But I don’t want to borrow money from you.

Him: Why?

Me: I don’t want to pay you back.

Him: Harami! You’re a thief!


I laugh. He laughs. I kiss. He hugs.

I’m home!


6 thoughts on “He Loves a Thief

  1. you are so sweet my brother SAM to my sister who is also sweet to us who want to go home and visit her family….May God bless you more with big heart…..ate nieves


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