Crushing on a Huntzberger

Since I got married, I have ripped and trashed the paper that listed my 1,000 crushes.

I didn’t mean it to happen but my list is starting to re-write itself. After Iker Casillas, comes Logan Huntzberger…

Logan: You’re upset and I wouldn’t want you to found out like that. But Rory I love you. You know that I love you. When I said that I was your boyfriend, I agreed to be faithful to you which by the way was a first for me. I thought it was going to be hard. But it wasn’t…. I have been completely faithful to you Rory, I have not been with another girl. I have not looked at another girl nor have I thought about another girl.

Rory: Except for Walker, Alexandra…

Logan: We were broken up Rory.

Rory: No, you were.

Logan: I thought we were broken up. I thought that’s what the fight was. I thought that’s what the separation was. Do you believe me? Do you honestly believe that I thought that we weren’t together?

Rory: I guess…

Logan: So if you believe that I thought we weren’t together. Believe that in my mind I wasn’t cheating on you…Come on Rory, come home with me.

Violet: Me, Logan, pick me! I wanna come home with you!


2 thoughts on “Crushing on a Huntzberger

  1. Why do you wanna go home with LOGAN? I thought you are married to Captin SAM. Did you too break up or are you in an open relationship? (Am avilable. Sure sister I can come with you to LOGAN and tell him that he is a jerk for cheating on our beloved RORY.)


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