Flying Home in January

One night in January, I was overwhelmed with so much emotional turmoil (pressure at work, missing my brother’s presence in the house, learning my uncle was losing his fight with cancer, remembering my father) that the escapist and spontaneous person in me decided she was going home.

No it was not a whimsical moment.

I had worked hard the past weeks, my overtime hours were up the charts and I was getting burned out. I have learned through the years the necessity of retreats and rewards. Also, it was papa’s 6th year death anniversary and there was no better celebration than being with family.

So I booked my tickets, packed my bags and kissed my husband goodbye.

I thought my one-week vacation home last year was short, but this time I only had 3 days! What a challenge.

It was my first time to use an ID90 Business Class Ticket – a 90% off unconfirmed seat, benefits for Airline Staff. That day was not a full day so I easily got myself a seat.

For once, I was surprised at how pleasant the cabin crew were that day. I also got moved from an aisle seat to the twin middle seats. I had so much space!

My original plan was to eat and critique at least 3 meals but after finishing this plate I fell asleep. Before I knew it, I opened my eyes to Manila. Haha.

It was 4:00 PM.


On my way out of the airport I bumped into my cousin Nieves, my second-mom who took care of me during my university years in the city. Who would imagine that the girl she used to wait for in public jeepneys would now be coming home in airplanes. I pray God will bless her always.


I dropped my bags in the condominium we were to stay in for 3 days. I had no time to change and rest because I was running late to meet a friend.

Van is my college football teammate whose only sister recently died. I finally got to meet her boyfriend and I’m happy someone so kind is taking care of her. We had a huge meal but I forgot to take pictures as I greedily feasted upon sisig, sinigang and inihaw na baboy.

We had a good catching-up and talked about everything we could cover from our scratched and bruised football legs to potential partner businesses.

van (3)

I wished it was like college days again when we’d sleep over and talk all night. But it was time to part and I was thankful I got to be with her again even for just a few hours.

It felt so refreshing to be able to walk the streets late at night in shorts or dresses without people gawking or throwing repulsive insults at you. I love Manila for that.

As she rode away, I whispered a silent prayer that God will turn her mourning into dancing and restore her joy and hopes as she tries to move on with her life. She is my future personal lawyer 🙂

It was 11:00 PM.


Just before Van left, these people arrived! My sister coming from school and my kiddos coming from work…

I felt so old as I hugged these younger ones all fresh and glowing. Thanks to my sister for this very clear and focused shot 🙂

It was 12:00 AM.

To be continued…


5 thoughts on “Flying Home in January

  1. hi there! Sorry to just pop out of the blue. Read this when I was looking into ID90 tickets on EY. I am a GF staff and travelling with my hubby and 2 kids from MNL to JFK in December (late part) and returning 2nd week Jan 2016. Since GF does not JFK, a friend from EY offered me his Friends and Family pass on ID90 on Business Class. How was your experience? Is it hard to sub load on EY, even in J? Thank you!


    1. Hi Lana, great to see u here… I’ve been travelling on ID90 many times but it takes a lot of planning ahead, like monitoring flight status, travelling a day or two ahead of my expected return or arrival and making sure I have an alternative confirmed flight in case i dont get a seat…

      I won’t recommend id90 on December especially for a family since its peak season… Manila and jfk are main destinations so probability would be low. But if ur not targeting a specific date and are ok to wait in the airport, then u might as well try 🙂 also, have your friend monitor seats so she/he can advise you when the best dates are for u to enlist..


  2. Thank you po for the visit ate. We were so excited that time to see you and now we are missing you again:( I always pray for you and Kuya Sam ate. Take care and hugs:( 😦 😦


  3. I don’t feel like throwing insults or starring at your shorts. (Maybe because you are in Manila or maybe because am being kind or maybe because I should stop spamming your website with my nonsense comments or maybe because I should not hit on a married lady or maybe because you are just my pretty sister or maybe because I never do that anyway or).


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