Does Education Matter?

When I was in high school, people were telling me

”High school does not really matter. What matters is how you do in college.”

When I got to college, people were saying,

“College doesn’t really matter. When you’re in the real world, all the stuff you learned in college wouldn’t be there.”

These past few weeks, I have proven how deceiving those statements are.

Highschool and college matters. They are a person’s training ground for the future. The attitude and character one develops during those years would reflect in one’s work ethics in the future.

True enough, most people do not end up with careers in line with the degree they studied but the principles the school teaches will be the same principles you will have to apply in any workplace and in life in general.

Recently, my workload has been up to my neck (that explains the dormancy in my blog). Some days, I look at one chapter in my list and I get so tempted to finish in haste, just to get it over with. I did it once but as I came to the last word, I knew I had to do it again, thoroughly this time.

The pressure and tension at work is the same pressure and tension I went through in school during exam weeks, finals weeks and thesis week. Those dreaded hell-weeks were my sharpening moments to ready me for today.

My high school years taught me patience and integrity. My university years taught me excellence and quality of work. My upbringing taught me certain standards, that mediocrity is unacceptable – I work not for men but for God.

Do not take your learning years for granted. Do not rush to grow up and face the real world. For when you do, you will realize how premature you are and wished you took your education more seriously.

In college I used to sleep in the hallways, my sports bag as a pillow, not because I was lazy but because I was a working-student-athlete with lack of sleep.

work (2)

I have learned my lesson. Today, I have leveled up.


5 thoughts on “Does Education Matter?

  1. Education really starts at home, proper and solid foundation starts within the family, the parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, relatives then is further grounded in pre-school, elementary, highschool, college, masteral and of course real life. Pero ladderized siya siyempre, if you have a good foundation at home then it follows you as you step up. Still remember a lot of memorable teachers: Papa & Mama at home, Ma’am Jerusalem in Elem, Sir Rigor in Highschool, Sir Jojo Manzano in College.


  2. I agree. I teach the same principles to my youth group. ^_^ Usually kasi, teachers fail to explain things. We usually say “Do this and Do that” and “Submit this, submit that” but, we actually don’t explain why they should finish all their requirements and why they need to spend hours doing their assignments and projects. Kaya, yung ibang mga bata unmotivated kasi di nila alam yung purpose ng pag-aaral nila. Our students will be better students if they understand why they need to do things. ^_^


  3. Yeah! I super agree po ate:) Education does matter^^ I always check your blog but there are no new entries..and now you’re back^^ I have something to read and update from you. yiheee! miss you po ate:)


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