Tala Turns Two

A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart.

In two years, this is the 3rd time I saw my little niece.  She has grown into a little bubbly curly blondie.

Tala (17)

Tala (2) Tala (4) Tala (5) Tala (6)

Say hello to my brother-in-law! He’s been trying to escape my blog for the longest time, but sorry big bro, you can’t run away from me forever.

Besides, this photo is too precious to NOT post.

Tala (7)

Tala has a funny quirk. She quivers when her hand touches something moist and sticky – like her cake.

Tala (8)

This was our game the entire time: I gave her sticky cake portions and she threw them away. The floor ate half of her cake.

Tala (9) Tala (10) Tala (11) Tala (12)

The brothers.

Tala (13)

All the kids had camel-like eyelashes! This makes me so envious.

Tala (14) Tala (15)

This little boy is so far the most behave Arabic kid I’ve seen in my entire life. For the whole time, he quietly sat in his chair, ate his meal and minded his own business – no running around, no screaming, no squirming, no tantrums.

When he wanted his picture taken, he just looked at my husband, who was seated beside him, and waited patiently until he got noticed.

Isn’t he cute?

Tala (16)

To our little girl…

Happy second birthday!


3 thoughts on “Tala Turns Two

  1. Wala pa akong nakitang live camel kaya ask ko lang, kelan kaya ako magkaroon ng niece at nephew na may horse-lashes?


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