The Debut of Beauty for Ashes

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Guest blogger: Elizabeth G. Chongawen

Last Friday, my brother and I went to the Mall of Asia to attend the 34th Manila International Bookfair. Our aunt Violet, invited us to witness the event and to support the book launch of “Beauty for Ashes” published by CSM Publishing.

The book is a compilation of testimonies of young women and their journey through life.

When I first entered the huge exhibition center, I was so overwhelmed with the many piles of books and colorful booths. My ecstatic feet wanted to run around, but I pulled myself back and immediately looked for CSM.

booklaunch (2)

I felt a strong rush of excitement the moment I held the book. I instantly opened it and searched for my aunt’s story. I was so surprised that she didn’t only have one story in it, she had four! All I felt was happiness and delight for her!

booklaunch (10)

booklaunch (3)

The Lucasi siblings with book editor Faye Chelabian

booklaunch (11)

It was a privilege to see Mrs. Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio, a former child star and popular actress. She is pregnant with her first child and she’s really glowing! She became more alluring to me when she read her story with whole honesty and sincerity. She bravely wrote a piece of her life in the foreword of the book.

booklaunch (4)

We we’re also blessed to meet and greet the other contributors and writers of the book. Amidst their doubts, hurts and trials in life, they stood still and held on to their faith.

booklaunch (5)

booklaunch (6) booklaunch (7) booklaunch (8) booklaunch (9)

The whole experience was new and exciting for me. I want to thank my Aunt, Violet Lucasi-Elrays, for inviting us to this. I’m really grateful for the happy memories. I’ll forever keep them in my heart!




2 thoughts on “The Debut of Beauty for Ashes

  1. Reblogged this on Faye Chelabian and commented:
    Bilib ako sa support ng mga Lucasi (and the rest of the gang) sa kanilang sister na si VIolet who wrote for Beauty for Ashes. Here is a guest post from Violet’s blog.

    Violet has an amazing talent in story telling. Intrigued by the titles of her articles? Then you must read them! You’ll cry and laugh at once!

    Be the first to Grab a copy of the Beauty for Ashes book. PM me!


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