GoPro Illiterate

This is my husband’s surpise birthday gift for me.


Usually all my techy gifts come with free installation and complete pre-set up service from the giver. This time, all those weren’t part of the package since I got my present a few hours before my trip.

It took me one whole night to unbox that tiny thing!

As of today, I have spent 3 sleepless nights setting it up and studying parts, 2 days of reading on feautures and accessories, watched 100 YouTube tutorials, and wasted 1,000 minutes staring at a GoPro website in another language.

These are what I have achieved so far:

1. Getting it out of the box.
2. Leaving it inside my hotel pick-up car (returned to me the next day)
3. Charging it twice.

I am the worst techy gift recipient ever.

But I will get there, hopefully before I leave this country without a selfie.


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