Tony & Jackey Digital Perm


I was browsing through my old photos and realized I have never changed my hairstyle. I look at my long black straight hair and I feel lifeless and uninteresting.

I wanted to star 2014 with a big change. Right on cue, someone from this salon handed me a promotional flier for Digital Perming.


Bangs T & J Salon, the number one Korean hair salon, is now making waves in the Philippine shore… it consistently grew into the most sought after and the most trusted among the many authentic Korean salons that were established in the country.

T&J Digiperm (2)

digital perm is a perm that uses hot rods with the temperature regulated by a machine with a digital display, hence the name. A normal perm basically requires only the perm solution. A digital perm requires a (different) solution plus heat.

I was in a budget so I prepared myself for the sales talk that comes before any discounted service – the talk that gets you to pay for more than what you came in for. After a 10-minute study of my hair and scalp, more treatments were prescribed for me. I respectfully declined all the additionals and stuck to the digiperm only.

Have you noticed how the service changes when you decline to pay for more?

T&J Digiperm (3)

A normal perm, or “cold perm,” makes the wave most prominent when the hair is wet, and loose when it is dry. A digital perm makes the wave most prominent when the hair is dry, and loose when it is wet.

Bangs T & J introduces in the Philippines the first and only Digital Mirror in the classy industry world of beauty and hair styling. It offers an exclusive and unique entertainment and scalp camera technology which enables the stylist to determine the customers scalp and hair condition.

T&J Digiperm (5)

My Smart Mirror wasn’t working and I wish I had brought a book for this 2-hour procedure.

When I was freed from the octopus machine, I was excited to see how I looked like. My curls were set to medium and I was told it would loosen up through time. I was given specific instructions on how to care for my hair:

1. Do not comb

2. Always twist and curl with your fingers

3. Apply products daily

Our senior hairstylist are seasoned professionals from Korea who apart from having six to seven years of training, have passed the Korea licensure exam of excellence in the industry.

T&J Digiperm (6)

The sad thing about having Korean hair stylists is that they’re not too fluent in English. Most of the time, I didn’t understand what my hairstylist was saying although she sounded so friendly and helpful. Because of the communication gap, I wasn’t able to fully express how grateful I was for my new look.

Walking out of the salon, I felt like a different person. At first I felt awkward, like my head was enlarged. My hair felt puffy, messy and was all over my face. I  was used to tucking my straight silky hair behind my ears away from my face. That day I felt deaf having my curls hugging the side of my face.

T&J Digiperm (7)

It took me only a few days to get used to it.

It’s surprising how ones lifestyle changes when the hairstyle changes. My straight hair used to be “wash and wear”. My curls need daily tender loving care with oils and lotions. My straight hair used to be combed to look clean. My curls can be left twisted, coiled and unruly to look styled.

It’s been over a month and I’m loving my curls (except for those bad hair days when I don’t twist and curl properly in the shower)!

They say when a girl does drastic changes to her hair, something is going on. That is true.

This year my curls will remind me that I am a changed person – one who is more careful with the words she says, with the choices she makes and with the people she trusts.

Let’s straighten this year by curling it up!

Never let anyone DULL your CURLS

T & J BANGS – SM North Annex (January 2014)
Digi Perm Promotion (3,000 + 500 Gift Certificate) – 3,500.00 PHP
Hair Product Package (Teracota Silky Essence & Natubea Hair Lotion) – 2,100.00 PHP
Hair Product (Karatase Oleo Curls) – 1,538.00 PHP


11 thoughts on “Tony & Jackey Digital Perm

    1. Naghahanap din ako dito sa uae😞 last year nagpa 2years nagpa rebind ako sa kanila sa Ayala malls Imus cavite branch, Napa wow ako sa result! Sobrang ganda. I enjoyed it for 2years and a half. Hope they have branch here in UAE.


  1. Oh, so pretty! Your hair looks perfect! ^_^ If you want to have curls after a year, try the Beauty Brick Art Salon. They also have good reviews. ^_^


    1. Go, ate! I strongly recommend, altho it will damage our naturally long silky Bangilan hair, but it’s worth the try for a year siguro hehe. We never know baka mahilig sa kulot ang future mo 🙂

      The thing is always look out for promotions because you won’t want to spend to much on it. Enjoy! Post your photos


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