An Airport Guide for Filipinos Traveling from NAIA

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Updated on January 2018. Contents of this guide:

  • Step-by-step airport guide for Filipinos departing from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)
  • Tips for Filipinos travelling to the UAE
  • Tips for Filipinos on standby tickets


Manila traffic jams can be crazy and lines inside NAIA are unpredictable. Be at the airport at least 3 hours before departure.

Double-check which terminal you’re departing from. Note: There are 4 terminals in Manila.

naia manila airport departure

Baggage trolley: The baggage assistance at the airport entrance is a paid service. They charge per bag, whether big or small. If you want to do it free and on your own, do not accept help. Trolleys are parked at the side of the doors.

Entrances: There are 2 entrances, you can enter from the right or the left. Don’t mind the crowd waiting and blocking the entrance. Show your ticket to the guard.


naia manila airport bag scan

Place your bags on the scanners. Leave your trolley outside and get a new one from inside.

On lines: Lines can get very long here. Know that there are multiple doors. Look for other doors with lesser people.

On baggage check: If the officer stops you to ask about something inside your bag, do not panic. Answer politely and allow them to open your bag. Wait patiently until they let you go.

Warning: Be alert and watchful of your bags at all times, to prevent scams or extortions. NAIA has a long history of illegal items being dropped inside bags of unsuspecting passengers.


naia manila airport departureLook for your airline’s check-in counters. Check the huge electronic departure signs or ask a guard.

For confirmed tickets: Proceed to check your bags in. Present your ticket and passport. For travelling Filipino tourists, include the visa for the country of destination (if applicable). For OFWs, include your OEC.

For travel to the UAE: Pass through the visa-check counter before lining up for baggage check-in.

naia manila airport baggage check in

For unconfirmed (standby) tickets: Go to the rightmost or leftmost counter. Look for the “standby” sign. Enlist your name by presenting your passport and ticket. Airport staff will enter your name in the standby list and will tell you to wait and come back at least 1 hour to 30 minutes before counters close.

Once the counters are closed for confirmed tickets, airport staff will arrange the standby list according to ticket code. Your chance to fly depends on the number of seats available, your ticket classification and the priority standing of other standby travelers. Make sure you are near the counters and are visible to the staff when names are being called out. After getting your boarding pass, pay for your travel tax then proceed to the immigration area. If your name isn’t called and seats are already full, wait for the next flight and enlist again.


This paper will be given to all departing passengers. Fill this up to present at immigration.

naia manila airport departure card


naia manila airport travel taxThis only applies to Filipino Citizens.

  • For travelling Filipino tourists: Pay PHP 1,620 in cash.
  • For OFWs: OEC exempts you from paying airport taxes.



As of 2015, no Terminal Fee should be paid if flying out of Manila airports. The fee is now included in your flight ticket.

However, fees need to be paid if departing from other international airports. Ask advise from your airline for this.

For OFWs: You can reimburse the terminal fee in your ticket. You can find the Refund Counter after passing through immigration. Present your OEC.

For other exceptions, please check the relevant website for more information.


naia manila airport immigration

  • For OFWs: Keep left. Present the following:
    – Passport
    – Boarding pass
    – Departure Card
    – OEC
    Ideally, there should be no more questioning here since you hold an employment visa. But prepare other documents incase they ask for it: employment contract and other related files.
  • For travelling Filipino tourists: Stay in the Filipino Citizen lane. Present only the required documents:
    – Passport
    – Boarding pass
    – Departure card
    – Return ticket
    – Visa (if applicable)
    Prepare supporting documents and present them only when asked:
    – Proof of funds: affidavit of support (if available) or bank statement
    – Hotel booking or proof of accommodation
    – Proof of employment: ID or business documents (if self-employed)
    – Info or ID copies of family/contacts in the country of destination
    – Travel itinerary or invites
    – Other evidence that you are a legitimate tourist

Assuming you have presented all standard requirements and they still ask for supplementary documents, which you do not have, present to them an alternative document which has the same purpose.

On answering immigration officers: Speak confidently and politely. Answer the questions straight to the point and avoid unnecessary side stories. Provide only the answers and documents they ask for.

On further interrogation: If the immigration officer is not satisfied with your answers, you will be handed over to another line of officers for further interrogation. You will be asked to fill up a sheet. Just answer their questions politely without showing fear.

You have a right as a traveler and as long as your documents are complete, you have nothing to fear.

If you are offloaded: Go back to check-in counter and seek advise.


After passing through immigration, scan your hand-carry baggage and enter the boarding area. Proceed to your gate and wait for your boarding call.naia manila airport cafe restaurant

Enjoy the food stalls, cafe and the newly renovated toilets.naia manila airport toiletBe alert and make sure you don’t get left behind. Have a safe flight!

japan flight


uae immigration

Upon arrival in the UAE, follow the signs to passport control / Immigration.

  • For pink visa and e-Visa holders: Go straight to the Immigration line.
  • For scanned copy visa: Pick up your original visa first before proceeding to Immigration.

An eye scan will be done for you by the immigration officer. There would be no more interrogation at this stage. Usually, they ask which country of origin your flight was.

After passing through Immigration, collect your baggage and wheel it out into the waiting arms of your family or friends. Welcome to the Sandbox!


Present all needed documents at immigration. Check the NZ website for details. Fill up the customs declaration form and make sure you don’t have any questionable or illegal stuff in your baggage.

auckland airport arrival customs


14 thoughts on “An Airport Guide for Filipinos Traveling from NAIA

    1. It used to be like that, but then from my experience lately, the travel tax counter asks for your boarding pass first before you can pay the tax. So it is safer to check in first before paying your tax.


  1. Hello I need help I work before in the UAE in sales and I ask to the company to get vacation so I get a round trip ticket but suddenly the company cancel me so I decided to find other job before I go back to the Philippines al hamdulilahhh I got a job but the visa not yet finish until the time I have to go to Philippines.and my new employer told me that they well sent my visa through email but my worry is what is the requirement bcoz most people said to me that I have to find agency and pay more and I don’t have enough money to pay for that plsss I need help what I will do thanks


    1. Hi Acel,

      Thanks for the inquiry. I am not a professional and expert in these cases. But I can only share from my experiences in the UAE.

      Kung ipapadala ng new employer mo ang visa thru email, pwede iyon dahil e-visas na ngayon ang UAE. Wala ka dapat maging problema. Isearch mo lang online kung ano-anong requirements pa ngayon ang hinihingi ng immigration kapag new employer ang babalikan mo sa UAE. Nagiiba-iba kasi minsan.

      Hope all goes well 🙂


  2. I have a visit visa.. is it ok if i will show to immigration officer just a copy of my visit visa or they need the original visit visa? Thank you


    1. were u able to present the printed copy of the visa or were u ask the original pink slip visa?


    2. Hey Marie did you get thru the immigration with just a copy of your visa or you need to present the original. Or is an e-visa acceptable.


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