Hello, Palawan!

My husband was loving enough to let my mom and sister tag along for our anniversary getaway. Mom and Beth recently had their birthdays and this trip was a perfect gift for them.

palawan (1)

We arrived at Terminal 3 and I was quite impressed with the size and the cleanliness. I hope our taxes would be used in maintaining the facilities… but then again, who am I kidding.

We arrived early for our flight and had a section of the waiting area all to ourselves. The one thing I love about flying domestic is the dress down attire, which I can never do when flying Etihad.

palawan (2)

At first we were ok. Eating, chilling…


Then our flight was delayed…

palawan (4)

An hour and more later, this was the scene…

palawan (5)

Wearing a local brand, BENCH sleeping on a bench, Pinoy style…

palawan (6)

It was Beth’s first airplane ride and I was excited for her. The first time I rode a commercial plane was during college (sooo old)! But nothing beats the helicopter and private plane rides I had, flying into our tribe, when I was a kid.

palawan (7)

palawan (8)

palawan (9)


palawan (11)

It took 45 minutes from Manila to Puerto Princesa, the capital of Palawan.


Folk etymology attributes the name “Puerto Princesa” to a princess-like maiden who in the early days is said to have roamed around the place on certain nights of the year… Practical people attribute the name to the geographical advantages of the place as a seaport… Historically, the place was named after Princess Asunción (of Spain)… .

palawan (12)


Our meet and greet committee…

palawan (15)

My two SINGLE lady cousins (stress on the single) are both working in this city as nurses. I admire them coming all the way from the north and extending their caring hands here. I wish one day some gorgeous gentlemen would fall sick and be brought to their hospital. Ahhh, romance.


For now, let them welcome us into this beautiful island.


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