El Nido: Hidden Cave

El Nido Palawan

This was the best part of our adventure.

It was high tide during our trip so the coast guards did not allow organized tours to any cave at all. Aside from my brothers’ rooms, I have never been to a cave and I badly wanted to see one.

Our guides were cool enough to squeal that, on the same island we were having lunch in, there was a hidden cave.

elnido (22)

At first I was excited. To find the entrance of the cave, we had to walk through jagged rocks and swim against the waves. At the start, the water was waist deep, then it became neck-high.

What was I thinking?!

I do not know how to swim so imagine my terror while finding this cave. Don’t let the pictures fool you. I was terrified the entire time.

The tide was high and the crash of the waves upon the big solid rocks was deafening. At one point I was pushed under water and for a second, I said goodbye to the world.

When we were crawling between rocks, I felt I was in a movie. My imagination was painting pictures of crocodiles, piranhas, the Bermuda Triangle and Gollum. The combination of small spaces and rushing water made it worst.

Just when I thought I would die of self-induced horror, we crawled into a very small opening and the water pushed us inside. We entered one of the most awesome natural wonder I’ve seen.

elnido (2)

elnido (3)

It was just a small unexplored cave, but the beauty of it was worth a thousand waves tossing me like a lifeless doll.

I felt the years of quiet history in the rock formations, I smelled the air of unexploited nature and I basked at the sunlight gently touching my face through the cracks high above me.

elnido (4)

elnido (5)

The pool of water was so clear it seemed like there was no divide.


elnido (10)

elnido (6) elnido (7)

elnido (8) elnido (9)

elnido (11)

I wish we could have stayed longer but we had to go back before the tide leaves us stranded.

elnido (13) elnido (14) elnido (15) elnido (16) elnido (17) elnido (18) elnido (19) elnido (20) elnido (21) It’s nice to be thrown into the face of danger once in a while, because then you realize what is most important to you… your life vest.


Day is over, time to go home. Sniff. elnido day2 (2) DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO elnido day2 (7) elnido day2 (8) elnido day2 (9) DCIM100GOPRO



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